05 enero 2015

Just perfect (English)

Reseña en español AQUÍ ;)

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Just perfect 
by Hanne Arts
Release Date: December 2, 2014

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When sixteen-year-old Christina Jacobs comes to school one day and discovers that life will never be the same again, she soon finds herself sinking away into self-doubt, haunted by her troubled thoughts and experiences and striving for acceptance and equality. 

Fate was never easy on her, having given her an appearance far from desirable and a family situation far from the norm, but when she is forced to face it all on her own, forced to battle her inner demons, she knows she needs to give all she's got to fight her way back to the surface and get her life back on track.

"Just Perfect" is a grippingly honest account of love and friendship, betrayal and trust, and inner demons and the fight for a better tomorrow.


Hanne Arts is a seventeen-year old budding author, recipient of the Short List Award in 2011, Honorable Mention in 2012, and Second Place in 2013 in the Short Story Competition Hungary. She was shortlisted in the Nancy Thorp Poetry Competition in 2013 and Junior Author Short Story Competition in 2014. 
Hanne currently lives in Slovakia, and has previously lived in Belgium, Holland and Hungary. She wrote this novel in the hope of helping others struggling with depression and eating disorders understand that they are not alone, and that they, too, can overcome their inner demons. For more information, visit hanne-arts.blogspot.sk and check out her Facebook page at facebook.com/HanneArtsBlogging.


First of all, I want to say that I think this book is too short. In my opinion, when you are writing about personal struggles, or sicknesses, you have to explain what started them, what the character does to get well, and how things work after the recuperation. I haven´t seen those things in the book.

The author writes about Christina´s familiar situation, and works a lot with it. She explains why, how things happened. But in my opinion, she doesn´t explain why Christina feels unworthy as good as she explains the familiar situation. I have missed a good reason to start her self-doubting.

I think that that´s the reason I haven´t enjoy the book at all. Everything happens to fast, to easily. Christina´s life starts to be a nightmare, and I wanted to see how she coped with the situation. Instead of seeing that, I only had some short explanations about her recovery. I don´t know, I wanted to see more therapy, more personal struggle,... In real life this kind of things don´t happen so easily. I would have liked to see a more realistic and emotional procress.

Even the romance was fast. I liked how the couple talked and do stuff together, and it was easy to see that they were starting to like each other, but once again, the end was too fast. I just didn´t feel nothing with their relationship...

But, the book is well writen, and I don´t think that the book is bad. The issue was interesting, and I´m sure that Hanne was trying to make this kind of things more visible, and known, but I think that she hasn´t get to express what this kind of things are in reality. It was as seeing the tip of an iceberg: Beautiful, but with a lot more to offer ;)



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